Our Prices

At My Furry family we pride ourselves on providing the highest possible standards of pet care and in order to do this we need to set our prices at levels that allow us to pay our staff a decent salary as well as cover all the business expenses we incur.

We are aware that there are a number of cheaper pet sitters you could choose instead of us and so we’d like to set out a simple explanation of how we price our services in order to demonstrate why we charge what we do.

Let’s take a 30-minute cat sitting visit as an example.

Our price for this is £15.

Travel Costs

On average it takes us 15 minutes to travel to and from each customer’s house so this now means our takings for this visit are £15 for an hour.

The journey to and from the customer’s house is about 4 miles each way so our mileage cost for the visit would be about £3.60 (8 miles x 0.45 a mile).

Our takings for the visit are now down to £11.40 for an hour.

Fixed Expenses

As a professional pet sitting company we have a number of fixed expenses we need to pay for. These include our diary software, business insurance, pet care organisation membership fees, CRB checks and boarding licences. We’ve calculated that these add about £1 to each job we do.

This means our takings for a 30-minute visit are now £10.40.

Variable Expenses

In addition to the above fixed costs, we also need to pay a number of variable costs including phone calls, advertising and website design. This adds about another 50p to each visit.

Our takings for the 30-minute visit are now £9.90.

Administration Costs

Administering bookings also takes time and on average costs about £1 per job.

This gives us a final figure of approximately £8.80 an hour, and this is what our staff receive.

As we’re sure you’ll appreciate, pet sitting is a very responsible job and hiring the wrong person to look after your precious pets and home could be disastrous. In order for us to have the best people working for us we need to offer an attractive salary, and this is why we pay our staff more than minimum wage.