Cat Sitting

Cat sitter Nottingham Cats thrive on routine and being in familiar surroundings so hiring a cat sitter is the ideal way to ensure your cats are happy and cared for while you're away.

As the owner of 7 cats myself, I understand how important your cat's happiness and welfare are to you and how difficult it is to leave your cat when you go away, whether that's just for a night or for several weeks. That's why we care for all the cats we pet sit for as if they were our own and strive to ensure they're as happy and contented as they would be if you were there with them.

During each visit, we will feed your cat, give him fresh water, and make a big fuss of him if that's what he likes. We will also brush his fur and clean out his litter tray as necessary. We're also happy to give him any medication he may need.

Some cats are very independent and simply need someone to feed them once a day while others are very sociable and become distressed if left on their own for very long. Therefore, visits to check on your cat can be arranged for as much time as you like and we can visit as many times a day as you think is necessary.

Nottingham cat sitterWe also offer overnight and 24-hour cat sits, which are ideal if you have a sick or pregnant cat that needs extra care.

If you follow us on Facebook you can see photos of your cats during their visits and we can also text or email you with updates if you prefer.

Cat sitting is charged by the hour, not by the number of cats you have so it can work out to be a very cost-effective solution if you have multiple cats in your furry family.

If you're looking for a Nottingham cat sitter, please contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.