Tabby is one of Rosie's kittens, along with Mr Socks and Midnight, and was born on August 1st 2011. She's a very adventurous cat so she spends a lot of time outside but comes back every hour or so to say hello and have some food.

In the morning, Tabby is very cuddly and she wakes me up most mornings purring in my ear. She then lies down next to me for a while, before starting to paw me to let me know she wants her breakfast.

When Tabby's not out and about, she can normally be found sleeping in high places. Her favourite place is on top of my clothes airer and she loves to get her muddy feet all over my clean washing.

In October 2012 Tabby went missing and I had a very worrying few days trying to find her. I put up posters all round the area and even hired a search team to come and look for her. The other cats missed her as much as I did and Mr Socks and Willow both followed me round our estate looking for her!

After 5 days she suddenly reappeared and seemed very happy to be home. I think she must have been trapped in an empty house as she'd lost weight and smelt of perfume. She spent the next week or so mostly sleeping and eating, but then she was back to her normal active self.

Tabby had another traumatic experience 2 months later when she caught the same virus that killed Arwen. She developed big sores on her mouth and gums, and she went off her food completely, probably because of the pain. I was very worried I was going to lose her too but I decided to try some baby Bonjela on her gums and thankfully that relieved the pain enough for her to start eating again. I kept applying the Bonjela at meal times and within a few days, Tabby was on the mend.