Bella came from Kirkby Cats' Home and I got her a few weeks after Mitsy died as I felt she'd have wanted me to take in another older cat. Bella had been at the rescue centre for about 6 months and had repeatedly been overlooked due to being mainly black. I'm not sure why she ended up there but it obviously affected her as she was very nervous and didn't like being handled much. She's much better now but is still not particularly keen on cuddles. She generally keeps to herself and spends most of her day sitting on the windowsill in the living room watching the world go by. However, when she gets hungry she turns into a completely different cat as she will come and cuddle me, not leaving until I give in to her demands to feed her. She's not really interested in going outside but on the odd occasion she does go out she pretends she doesn't know where the cat flap is and stubbornly sits on the wall outside the front door peering through the glass and meowing at me to let her back in.