Arwen came to live with me after I saw her on Gumtree, where she was being advertised by a couple who didn't want her any more. Her previous owners told me that she was blind as a result of being used as a football when she was a kitten and she had also sustained a broken tail during the ordeal, which had never fully healed.

After letting Arwen settle in for a few weeks I decided to take her to the vet as she seemed very lethargic for a cat who apparently was only 7 years old. The vet diagnosed her with heart disease and prescribed her some medication. She was predicted to only live another 6 months but luckily the medication worked extremely well and her heart condition never got any worse.

As well as the heart disease and blindness, Arwen had several other medical problems during the time I had her but she never let any of them get her down. She lived to eat and as long as there was food available she was happy.

When Arwen was hungry she made sure I knew about it. To start with she'd just tap my leg and meow quietly. If that didn't have any effect she would then jump on the sofa where I was sitting and climb on to my lap. As I'd often have a laptop on my lap she would just sit on the keyboard and force me to stop what I was doing to feed her.

Arwen would eat almost anything and whenever I opened the fridge door she'd come running and try to get into the fridge to find some food. On one occasion she managed to grab some broccoli and ran off with it. She didn't like it though so she let me have it back. She also had a thing for curry, especially chicken curry and whenever I was having some she would demand her own portion.

Because of Arwen's blindness and the injuries she sustained as a kitten she was never able to wash herself properly. Being a long-haired cat this meant she often got filthy and so I started giving her a bath every week. Unlike a lot of other cats, Arwen actually loved the water and she would stand at the end of the bath with her tail in the air so I could wash her bum. She would get a bit grumpy when she first got out of the bath as she'd be cold and wet but after sitting in front of the fire for a while she'd start feeling much better. She then loved to sit on my lap while I brushed her fur.

Arwen didn't like being picked up and cuddled as she couldn't see what was happening and it made her nervous but she was very affectionate in her own way. She showed this best at night when I'd take her to bed with me and she'd snuggle up against me purring contentedly.

In December 2012 Arwen caught a virus and became very ill. She was unable to eat and after spending nearly a week going backwards and forwards to the vet's she sadly died. Needless to say, I miss her terribly and the house seems so quiet without her as she had such a presence.