What types of pet do you look after?
Our most common pet clients are cats, dogs, rabbits and hamsters but we're happy to look after any type of pet. Our most unusual pet has been a duck and we've also cared for chinchillas, guinea pigs, degus, chickens, tortoises, rats, gerbils, fish and mice.
What areas do you cover?
We provide pet sitting and dog walking services in Nottingham city centre and the surrounding suburbs. Please see the areas page for more details.
Do you provide pet boarding services?
Yes, we board dogs as well as small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. We have a 2-level rabbit hutch and a tortoise table that are available for boarding pets to use.
Do you provide boarding for unneutered dogs?
We are happy to board unneutered puppies but sadly cannot accommodate unneutered older dogs.
Can you still board my pet if they're unwell?
It depends on what your pet's illness is. If your pet's illness isn't contagious we'd be happy to care for them for you and give them any medication they might need. Even if the condition is contagious we may still be able to help as your pet could stay as the sole guest of a boarder who doesn't have any pets of their own.
How are dog boarding charges calculated?
Fees for dog boarding are charged per day or part day. Overnight boarding is from 7am to 9am and daycare is from 7am to 7pm.
Why are your prices higher than your competitors' prices?
We provide a professional pet care service and in order to do this we need to have the best staff working for us. We also need to pay for a number of fixed expenses such as business insurance, CRB checks, boarding licences and membership fees for professional organisations. In addition, there are various other expenses such as petrol, printing and phone costs that we need to cover. This all adds up to several thousand pounds a year and unfortunately the cost needs to be included in our prices if we want to stay in business. For a more detailed explanation, please see this page.
What's included in a pet sitting visit?
We will feed your pets, give them fresh water, give them lots of affection, play with them, and clean food bowls, litter trays and cages. We will also do anything else you want us to do within the allotted time. For example, we can water your plants, collect your post and bring in your newspapers.
Can I specify the times I'd like you to visit my pets?
You can specify a time of day (morning, lunchtime, afternoon or evening) but unfortunately it's not possible to be more specific than that. This is simply because we need to schedule each day's visits in the way that makes best use of our time and petrol. There's also the chance that an unexpected situation might arise (an emergency vet visit for example) and in that case we'd have to change our plans to allow for that.
What does an overnight pet sit involve?
Your pet sitter will arrive at 8pm and spend the evening with your pet(s), following their usual routine. They will feed them, give them lots of cuddles and do anything else you'd like them to do such as grooming and bathing. In the morning they'll feed and water them again and will leave at around 8am.
Where do you sleep on an overnight pet sit?
It is entirely up to you. We're happy to sleep in your bed, in a guest room or on the sofa. We're also happy to being our own bedding.
Do I need to provide food for the pet sitter on an overnight pet sit?
No, that's not necessary. Some clients like to provide food but it's not required or expected.
Where will my dog be walked?
We will walk your dog in the same areas that you do in order not to disrupt your dog's routine.
Will you walk my dog off his lead?
Yes, if this is what you would prefer. However, your dog walker will only let your dog off his lead after they've walked him a few times and they feel confident that he will come back to them.
Will my dog be walked with other clients' dogs?
It's your choice. We can either walk your dog alone in order to provide one-to-one attention, or we can walk him with other dogs if he enjoys the company.
When should I give you a key to my house?
Most clients prefer to give us a key at the end of their initial consultation once they've decided to go ahead with the pet sitting. Alternatively, we can collect it a few days before you go away but in this case a fee of £15 is payable to cover the additional time and petrol involved.
When will my house key be returned?
We will return your key on request after you return from your trip. We do not leave the key at your home on the last day of the pet sitting in case your return is delayed and we need to care for your pets for a bit longer. Alternatively, we can keep hold of your key for future use. This has the added benefit to you that if you ever get locked out or lose your key we can give you our copy of the key. All client keys entrusted to My Furry Family are labelled with a code and kept in a locked safe.
Can you give my pets their medication while you're pet sitting for them?
Yes, we're very happy to give medication to your pets. There is no extra charge for this.
What happens if my pet becomes ill or has an accident while you're pet sitting for them?
Depending on the seriousness of the situation and on what you specified on the booking form, we will either contact you to find out what you would like us to do or we'll take your pet to your vet for immediate treatment. Your pet's health and wellbeing are our top priorities and we will care for them the same way we do our own pets.
What happens if there's a problem with the house while you're pet sitting, such as a burst water pipe?
We will deal with the immediate problem to prevent the situation from getting any worse and then contact you to find out what you'd like to do.
How do I book your services?
For new clients, it's important that we come and meet you and your pet(s) before you make a booking. This allows us to get to know your pet(s) and find out your requirements. It also gives you the chance to ask us any questions you might have. Please contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation. Existing clients can book by phone or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
How far in advance do I need to book?
We recommend that new clients provide at least 2 weeks' notice in order for us to schedule an initial meeting. Existing clients can give less notice as we are happy to take very late notice bookings if we can fit them in. However, we would recommend booking as early as possible as it helps to make sure that the dates and times you require are available.
When do I need to pay for the pet sitting?
We require a deposit of 20% to be paid on booking a pet care service and the balance at least 2 weeks before the service is due to start. We will send you an invoice detailing the amount owed as soon as you make a booking.
How do payments for regular dog walks work?
For clients who book regular dog walks on an ongoing basis we invoice in arrears on the first day of the following month.
What payment methods do you accept?
In general, all payments are made by Direct Debit but for new customers with only a couple of days until their booking we accept bank transfers.
How does the deposit for dog boarding consultations work?
In order to confirm the meeting, we ask for a £30 deposit and this is payable by bank transfer. The payment will then be put towards the cost of your booking or refunded if the meeting is cancelled with at least 24 hours' notice. We've had to start asking for a deposit as sadly lots of people book meetings and then don't turn up, which costs us time and money.
What's your cancellation policy?
For pet sitting cancellations made at least 14 days before the service is due to start, a full refund will be given, minus the 20% deposit. For cancellations made after this time the full fee will be payable.

For dog walking clients, we offer one free cancellation per month and any additional cancellations require 14 days' notice or the full fee is payable.
Can I check how my pets are getting on while you're pet sitting for them?
Yes, of course. We understand how hard it is to leave your furry family when you go away so feel free to call, text and email whenever you want to. We will also send you updates each day if that's what you'd like and you can view photos on our Facebook page.
Are you police checked?
Yes, each staff member has an up-to-date CRB check and we're happy to show them to you on request.
Are you insured to care for my animals?
Yes, we're all fully insured and can show you the documents on request.
Do you wear a uniform or have a sign on your car advertising that you're a pet sitter?
No, we don't as doing so would make it obvious that you're not home and therefore create a security risk.
I'd love to be a pet sitter/dog walker. Do you have any jobs available?
Yes, we do. We're always looking for responsible, reliable and trustworthy people to work with us. If you're interested, please have a look at our jobs page and send us your application.