About Me

Rosie and her kittensI have been an animal lover ever since I was a child and got my first 2 cats, Tommy and Lucy, at the age of 7. Soon after them came a succession of hamsters, (3 of them imaginatively called Fudge and 1 called Smudge), 2 gerbils (Sugar and Pepsi), several fish and another cat called Sam.

When I went to university I sadly had to leave Sam behind so he stayed with my sister but as soon as I moved into my own place I got a new furry feline friend called Mitsy. She was followed a year later by Arwen and then Willow, Rosie, Bella, Mr Socks, Tabby and Midnight.

Having so many pets made it very difficult to go away for more than a day, and even that short time wasn't without worries as Arwen had a heart condition and needed daily medication.

ArwenI hated the idea of taking the cats to a cattery as I knew they'd be unhappy there and I worried about Bella in particular as she had come from a cat rescue centre and I feared that she'd think she'd been taken back there if she went to a cattery as both places house the cats in the same type of pen.

It occurred to me that I couldn't be the only person who needed someone to come and look after their pets while they were away and so decided to become a pet sitter in order to provide that service to others.

Currently I have 8 cats and you can find out more about them on the My Cats page.